Monday, June 8, 2015

FREE Summer Math Program from TenMarks! {Regularly $39.95}

The TenMarks Summer Math Program is brought to you for Free by! Join tens of thousands of families who've already signed up. Don't wait - Sign up your kids today. Grades 1 - Algebra 2 / Geometry. 

Research shows that kids lose an average of 2-3 months of math comprehension every summer.Kids who actively participated in TenMarks Summer Math Program Showed an 11% GAIN.

Personalized for every student

  • Students take a diagnostic assessment
  • Based on the results, a personalized curriculum is created
  • Each curriculum reviews past concepts and introduces future ones
  • Hints provide problem solving approaches
  • Videos provide instruction to refresh concepts

Built-in interventions delivered automatically

  • Real-time interventions are delivered automatically
  • Scaffolded questions identify learning gaps and provide directed instruction

Reports & deep insights based on analysis

TenMarks provides real time reports and drill down insights so families can easily monitor usage, proficiency and performance for each student.

Engaging & motivating for students

Points, levels and games motivate and engage students. Parents can set custom rewards to motivate their children.

If this is something that would help your child, Sign up today!!

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