Sunday, June 14, 2015

Just in time for July 4TH!!! 50% off Glow Stick Bracelets! {& Review} LIMITED TIME ONLY!!

My kids had a blast with these Super Bright Glow Stick Bracelets!  They come in a pack of 100 with 5 colors. They are about 8in long and come with all the connectors to get started. You can make them into bracelets, necklaces, glasses and more!  You make a chain link out of them and use them for cute glow in the dark decor!  

When we played with them they lasted  about 8 hours, when they started to deem a little they still last well into the next day. The cool part is that you can even stick them in the freezer to make them last a little longer.  They really could be used by young and old alike.   They are easy to snap and break to start your glowing fun!  I would recommend these with anyone looking for glow sticks for any occasion. :) 

I received these items for free for reviewing purposes
All opinions are my own with my expericne
with these items. 

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