Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Start Writing Orginal Music In Minutes With Compose Yourself

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Start writing original music in minutes!
Compose Yourself allows everyone to be a composer! Within minutes of opening the package, begin creating your very own melodies. The 60 transparent Music Cards are designed to be flipped, rotated and combined in millions of different ways so that you can create your own musical score.

My kids are huge music fans.  This summer my 9 year old has been teaching herself how to play simple songs on her new piano.  We received Compose Yourself recently, to test and review.  We could not be happier.   It comes with heavy duty music cards that you use to make your own music. You have 60 clear plastic cards with different arrangement of notes and each card can be flipped over and read from both sides, meaning each card has 4 different possible arrangements. Their is a code provided to go to the website to enter to start using your Compose Yourself program.  You input the codes on the cards in the spaces provide to pick a melody you can then play out loud. 

If you already play a instrument and know how to read sheet music, this is a great way to review and have fun with making up your own songs and melodies.  This a great tool to have for any music lover!  
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