Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Alpha Grillers Digital Meat Thermometer {Review}

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Product Features
Digital - So that you can get that accurate reading
4-7scond read out - No need for long waiting for a temperature
Foldable probe - Take up less space as well as no worry about hurting yourself with a sharp edge
Hold Feature - Displays the temperature of whatever it was in without resetting
F or C display - Great for anyone anywhere
Accurate to ±1ºF
Temperature ranges from -50F to 572F [45.6C to 300C]
Chart guide for easy temperature measuring
AAA batteries which are included

I really love this new thermometer.  I've used it for steaks and other meats on the grill and they were cooked perfectly!  It records the accurate temperature  in just a few seconds. The hold button is extremely handy as you can remove it from the meat and still see the correct temperature. No more burning hands while waiting for it to get to the the full temperature. It comes in very nice packaging,would make for a great gift. 

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