Sunday, December 20, 2015

{ck-12} Education is a Powerful Weapon. Download Textbooks!

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This option is a Free K-12th grade Curriculum. It has regular Public School Textbooks that are downloadable. You can pick and choose some or all of the books to use. This is useful to pick and choose textbooks and fill in the gaps with other kinds of curriculum for the things we don't like.
CK-12 is an online educational content site sponsored by the CK-12 Foundation, a nonprofit that desires to increase worldwide K-12 access to high-quality STEM content. CK-12’s main offering is a collection of free digital textbooks (called “Flexbooks”) for high school age students, particularly on topics in science, engineering and math. As of September 2013, CK-12 has created a total of 88 Flexbooks that cover approximately 5,000 STEM content areas (from life science, like DNA vs. RNA, to sequences and series in calculus).

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