Sunday, August 28, 2016

10 Awesome Animal Documentaries Currently On Netflix!

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Capturing the world of dolphins with 13 underwater spy creatures equipped with cameras.

Blackfish tells the story of Tilikum, a performing killer whale that killed several people while in captivity. Along the way, director-producer Gabriela Cowperthwaite compiles shocking footage and emotional interviews to explore the creature’s extraordinary nature, the species’ cruel treatment in captivity, the lives and losses of the trainers and the pressures brought to bear by the multi-billion dollar sea-park industry.

This series examines the nature of cuteness and how being adorable helps some animal species to survive and thrive in a variety of environments. What’s the cutest animal ever? A kitten? A puppy? A baboon? In the game of life, 72 species vie for the title.

Africa, the world's wildest continent. David Attenborough takes us on an awe-inspiring journey through one of the most diverse places in the world. We visit deserts, savannas, and jungles and meet up with some of Africa's amazing wildlife.

Freakish, heart-stopping and often hilarious encounters with some of nature's most obstreperous creatures show how outrageous animal behavior can be.

Four hours of frolicking, friendly fun with unlikely duos – including a dog who swims for hours with his dolphin pal, a man who gives up eating poultry after befriending a goose, a house cat who has play dates with a barn owl, and a baboon who fosters a bush baby.  These friends show us the emotional power of animals to bond with other species.  They'll warm your heart and put a smile on your face.

Focuses on life and the environment in both the Arctic and Antarctic.
Like Planet Earth, The Blue Planet is also a BBC nature documentary, however it centers solely on the world’s oceans. A different aspect of marine life is featured in each episode such as coasts, tidal seas, and frozen seas. 
The series also went on to run on the Discovery Channel in the United States. Each episode tells goes into detail on a different biome and everything that goes into maintaining the biome, the creatures, species, vegetation, etc.

Filmmakers of "Pandas: The Journey Home" were granted unprecedented access to the Wolong Panda Center in China. Meet all of the pandas at the center as they get ready for their new lives in various parts of the world, and learn about their fascinating habits and personalities.



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