Thursday, August 4, 2016

{Sneak Peek!} What Is This Month's Theme For Groovy Lab in a Box?

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August's box is Water Works - A Lesson in Hydroponics!
In the Water Works box, your children will explore different types of hydroponic systems, seed germination and photosynthesis! Build a water reservoir, test tube bean stalk, hanging raised beds, a groovy space barn and much, much, more! Practice essential 21st century science skills: pipetting, measuring volume and length, making observations and collecting data.
Engineering Design Challenge:
 The Mars Colony astronauts need to grow their own food. Using only the materials from your Groovy Lab in a Box, can you design and build a hydroponic garden prototype that can be used by future astronauts at the Mars Colony?
As always, the Water Works box will have a groovy Lab Notebook where your kids can read about the investigations and Engineering Design Challenge. Plus, all subscribers get access to the a Box web portal for additional learning and fun.
Be sure to start your subscription today with FREE SHIPPING so you can receive "Water Works" before it ships on August 31st, 2016!

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