Friday, December 30, 2016

*Raising An Original* {Book Review}

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In Raising an Original, Carr helps to redefine the primary purpose of Christian parenting, this raising of the next generation. God has given each of our children specific gifts, abilities and capacities for specific purposes and He can equip parents to discover and support those powerful personality traits if they know where to look and how to respond. So many kids raised in Christian homes launch into their adult lives without any sense of knowing who they are called to be or what their mission on earth is. What if parents, teachers or mentors could help them discover the wondrous, unique threads woven within them that will enable them to see their part in the fabric of God’s universe?
Raising An Original is unlike any parenting book I have ever read. God hasn’t asked you to raise perfect child; He’s asking you to uniquely raise a purposed child. This author gives you the guidelines you need to figure out just what makes your kid special and how you as a parent can help to bring this forth. The book includes a little quiz to help you determine which of four personalities your child has (The Director, The Inspirer, The Steadfast, and The Curator), and you can even take the quiz yourself to find out what kind of personality you have to see if you have clashing personalities with your children.  I love that this book doesn't squinish all kids together and label their behavior as the same.  It is straightforward, always encouraging, very practical for parents with kids of all ages. A great book to have on your shelf for years to come.  

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