Sunday, March 19, 2017

Letter Recognition ~ Hands On Learning At The Dollar Tree!

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I love the quote above.  I love teaching my children at home while learning together.  I find hands on learning activities the best. My son doesn't like the tradition way of learning with worksheets, paper, and pencils so we do a lot of alternative things while homeschooling. That is the beauty of homeschooling, do what they love. 

This letter recognition activity is a wonderful hands on learning tool.  It is easy to assemble, items can be found at the Dollar Tree, and most importantly fun! 

Items Needed:
1 - Magnetic Alphabet Letters Pack
1 - Cookie Sheet 
1 - Permanent Marker

All of the above items can be found at most Dollar Tree stores. To change it up, you can hide your letters in rice, water beads, noodles or more to get more of a sensory affect.  I love this money saving hands on learning experience!

Another great project for the older kids is glowing planets.  All of these items can to be found at Dollar Tree. Click Here to check it out! 


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