Saturday, April 1, 2017

Chemical Free Baby Wipes From Waterpura. {What's In Your Wipe?}

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I recently was given the opportunity to try WaterPura
 baby wipes in exchange for my honest review.  

I absolutely love the idea of baby wipes made up of  99.9% water and just 0.1 citrus extract.  There are so many chemicals in the things we use on a daily bases. So many leading wipes have chemicals in them including some of the fragrance free all natural wipes. Take the challenge and check and see what's in your wipe?  

Comment on this blog post with the chemicals in your wipes. 

 When you have a newborn baby their skin is so sensitive and you want to make the right choices for them.  Currently leading name brand wipes carry these ingredients that include citric acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Chloride Phosphate, Fragrance, and Quaternium-15 and that just a few of the chemicals that are included in some of the leading baby wipes. Some of those ingredients have been known to cause irritation, dry skin, and even worse side effects. As a parent I never wanted to exposure my children to chemicals on their delicate newborn skin but when my children were baby there was not a safe alternative like we have now with Waterpura wipes.  I picked what I thought was best then but I am glad to say there is better options now! 
Even though my children are now older and I do not need baby wipes for their diaper changes.   As a mom a am always in need of wipes for messy faces and hands and what better then chemical free wipes from Waterpura.   They convenient with the resealable package to carry around in your purse, beach bag, or keep in the car.  We recently used them at the skating rink for my children's messy pizza face.  There are not many options out there that are chemical free and affordable;  I am so glad I found out about Waterpura wipes. 

 Waterpura wipes were created by a mother on a mission, Emily Frazer; that wanted something better for her newborn son, Archie.  After many months of testing and sampling; in August 2016 her sample run was successful.  You are now able to find a affordable and  chemical free baby wipes that are made in the USA thanks to Emily.  I will now continue to buy Waterpura wipes to keep my family's hands and faces clean while doing it chemical free. 

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