Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Art Lessons For Kids with ArtAchieve {Review}

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ArtAchieve is an online art curriculum for kids that makes it easy to learn how to draw and paint. With five levels and over 60 art lessons ArtAchieve is a great addition to your homeschool curriculum.  ArtAchieve was created and is taught by John Hofland. Learn more about John by reading his bio page.  A man that studied drawing and design and has a passion for art sharing his talents with you. 

Does your child have a passion for art?  Do they love to draw pictures and really have an eye for it? ArtAchieve is a great addition for kids who love art. Each level of the lesson is a different skill set for beginners to expert artists. ArtAchieve is more then just a drawing lesson.  Its a art history curriculum; learning about where this art style is from while drawing a picture. We were able to review ArtAchieve Level II which includes the lessons below.  

Level II-Art Lesson 1: The Swedish Dala Horse
Level II-Art Lesson 2: The Korean Wedding Duck
Level II-Art Lesson 3: The Japanese Goldfish
Level II-Art Lesson 4: The Elephant from Ghana
Level II-Art Lesson 5: The Ukrainian Cat
Level II-Art Lesson 6: The German Nutcracker
Level II-Art Lesson 7: The Sri Lankan Landscape with an Elephant
Level II-Art Lesson 8: Tessellations: Repeating a Pattern to Create Original Art
Level II-Art Lesson 9: The Ukrainian Rooster
Level II-Art Lesson 10: Hiding Butterflies
Level II-Art Lesson 11: The Mexican Mask
Level II-Art Lesson 12: The Russian Fortress–Color Value and Analogous Colors
Level II-Art Lesson 13: The Polish Szopka
Level II-Art Lesson 14: The Mermaid from Denmark
Level II-Art Lesson 15: The Weaving From Thailand
There are 5 levels total for beginners through expects!

Each lesson includes a look into the culture of the art piece with some warm up exercises. Then there is a instruction video on how to draw the lesson with full details on how to color your drawing.  We did one lesson a week during our time and my daughter's favorite lesson was Level II-Art Lesson 14: The Mermaid from Denmark. We used each lesson as a history lesson for the week.  We did not do them in order but in the interest of my child. She enjoyed the lesson and her beautiful picture at the end. We loved the video lesson and were able to pause it many times to detail her picture with oil pastels and markers. There are lots of suggestions for Cross-Curricular Connections which you can do after you completed the drawing.  By clicking on the red links, you are taken to the curriculum: some are videos to watch, other links are to books and lesson plans. Many fun links to match with your art work!

My daughter loves art and she couldn't be happier that we were able to review ArtAchieve.  She would recommend it to all her friends who like to draw! 

You can try a free lesson from ArtAchieve 
out by clicking below! 
There are many to choose from. 

Art Lessons Inspired From Around the World {ArtAchieve Reviews}
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