Sunday, July 9, 2017

Book Review ~ Dear Joey, Embracing Everyday of Motherhood As If Your Last

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"Dear Joey," was inspired and written from a blog post that garnered unexpected national exposure the months leading up to Joey Feek's passing. Alicia takes the reader on a journey through the up's and down's of motherhood in honest and compelling ways. The reader will learn how to best embrace every area of motherhood and each day as if their last. Through the inspiration of Joey Feek, the reader will gain insights on how to pursue the calling of motherhood with both passion and grace. Dear Joey, is written for every mother; young and old, in any stage.
I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review*
Author Alicia Eggers started her Dear Joey journey with a blog post.  While encouraging mothers to fully embrace motherhood after being inspired by Joey Feek's last months with her daughter.  All mother's struggle to fully embrace motherhood everyday.  Motherhood is demanding, some mothers struggle more than other but we are all in it together. Frustration doesn't make you a bad mother. This book is beautifully written inspiring mothers to see the shining liner. 

"Dear Joey," is inspired by the life of county singer Joey Feek.  Joey showed us all, in her final days, just how beautifully motherhood could be embraced, even when motherhood comes to an end. Her life and death can encourage every mother to full embrace every single breath and to live fully in each moment.  Alicia shows the reader that living on purpose, through the anchor of Christ, is the most abundant life to live."

I found peace while reading Dear Joey. A glimpse of motherhood while embracing the joys, challenges, and blessing of being a mom.  Dreading the next day doesn't make you a bad mom, we all feel frustrated at times. It goes into depth about unpredictability of motherhood, life, and marriage. The author, Alicia Eggers encourages you to embrace the little things in motherhood providing real life examples throughout her book.  

About The Author: 
Alicia Eggers is married to her childhood sweetheart and together they have five children. She is passionate about writing, blogging, homeschooling, encouraging other mother's, and sharing the Gospel of Christ. She shares weekly over at


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