Monday, August 7, 2017

{Review} KoalaSafe ~ Balance Screen Time and Play Time!

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The KoalaSafe wireless access point, when paired with the app, allows for parental controls and insights into their child's internet usage. KoalaSafe features setting like time limits, website and app blocking, weekly usage report, internet stop button. This allows parents to control the settings through your smart phone. It allows you to make multiple profiles for all your children and devices to customize to your preference. 
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KoalaSafe creates safe, dedicated networks for your children to be on their connected devices. This router can be programmed with time limits, safe searches, blocking apps or websites, and can even give you usage reports. You can control it from anywhere with the convenient app. Get the peace of mind while your children are online with KoalaSafe. KoalaSafe is also manageable online in your account.  
As homeschoolers, we use the Internet multiple times a day. Simply looking up educational websites and watching educational videos online could lead your child to an article or video that is not aged appropriately for them. As parents, we can not hover over our children's shoulders every second of the day, so having @koala_safe gives you the peace of mind while your child is on their connected devices. 
I love the feature of having the time limits on, so when it is time to get off, KoalaSafe turns off the internet on the device it is set to and no others in the house.  On KoalaSafe you are able to add sites to the block list as you find out about them.  My kids can still search on youtube and google but it is set to safe search that allows me some peace of mind.  You should always be aware of what your children are doing but sometimes life happens and you can't watch them every second of the day. The older they get the more independent they want and with KoalaSafe you can give them that. You can look at the usage reports daily to monitor what they have been doing online.  You can grab one at my affiliate link below. 


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