Monday, August 7, 2017

{Review} Look, See the Bird! ~A Children's Book Featuring Endangered Birds and Habitats

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Look, See the Bird! is a beautifully illustrated children's book which seeks to not only promote curiosity in children about the natural world around them but also to establish the universal quality of having a connection with nature. Look, See the Bird! follows children in a variety of locations, all of whom are learning about local birds and their habits. 
Beginning with Ruben and his sister Maria, who have decided to spend their day bird-watching in the coffee plants of their Nicaraguan farm, the story wings towards locations as far removed as Alabama and Ontario, lighting down briefly along the way as children the world over join with Ruben and Maria in spirit, looking for birds in their own backyards. Each time, the question is asked by one child to another: "Look! See the bird?" And each time, the children are treated to the sight of a majestic bird native to their home.
This unifying question joins the children on the page with the children holding the book, inviting them to look outside, and see what they can see!

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own*

Look, See the Bird! is a fun and engaging adventure in learning about local birds and their habits, and connecting with nature. We received our copy of Look, See the Bird! from Hatherleigh Press. The kids are excited to start reading and learning about birds.  I love how this book promotes curiosity for my children to connect with the nature around them.

It is never too early to start showing your children how to preserve and protect the natural resources of the earth including the animals in it.  Look, See the Bird! is a beautifully written story that starts with a little girl and little boy and their love for birds in Nicaragua.  As the story goes on, Look, See the Bird! visits other children now in the United States showing their habitats.  While the birds migrate, each story shows you to love and appreciate the nature around you while learning about each bird. Many of the books that are featured in this book are endangered. 

The stories are simple and easy to follow. This is a great book for a read out loud with your children or class.  The hand drawn artwork is bright and colorful with great detail on the each bird catching the children's eyes.  At the end of the book, there is a great section called "Questions for Curious Kids" this page answers about migration. After learning about migration on the next few pages there are facts about each bird that was featured in Look, See the Bird!.   I would recommend this book to anyone with children.  Its a great book about birds and showing the child to love the nature around you.   At the end of the book, there is a notes section that your child can add their own field notes and feel like they are finishing the book.  
You can grab your copy below on my affiliate link. 


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