Saturday, August 5, 2017

Stick Sketch School ~ An Animal ARTventure! {Review}

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I received this book for free in exchange for my
honest review. All opinions are my own*
Since Billy Attinger founded his company, Stick World, pop culture has exploded with stick figure art. Social media feeds and other online resources are the perfect home for this brand of simple, pithy, and often wickedly funny art. Stick figure images and messages are easily conveyed through social media, frequently going viral because of how easy they are to read and share on your phone. The best part about stick figures is that anyone can draw them!
Billy Attinger showed how to draw stylized stick figures in his popular Stick Sketch School: An Animal Artventure?, and now he's back to show the world his stick figure animals. Take an "artventure" around the world: learn to draw stick animals in the jungle, the Arctic, the rainforest, the Outback, underwater, and more! You'll even learn how to draw extinct animals and fantasy animals in stick form. Each spread features a grid to show the reader how to draw the lines, how to add movement, expression, and more. Ideal for the visual learner and accompanied by tips and tricks from stick artist Billy Attinger, the book shows how to make your stick animals personal, recognizable, and unique! 

This a great book for visual learners that want to learn to draw.  Stick Sketch School, An Animal ARTventure includes playful story lines, creative prompts, and space to practice your drawing.  Why stick figures? Stick figures are a pretty simple task for everyone. The stick figure may look simple but it is just the beginning stages of something wonderful and fun. The Stick Master Bill Attinger and Rachel Kochackis show you exactly how to make a simple stick figure into something else with 3 easy steps. Stick Sketch School, An Animal ARTventure from Quarto Knows is unique and fun!

My daughter enjoyed using this drawing book. The drawings are different with a touch of fun!  She loved reading the fun stories that went with each animal while having the space to draw right in the book. My daughter's favorite character in Stick Sketch School drawing book was, of course, the unicorn in the chapter Mythical Creatures. 

This would be a great addition for anyone who loves to draw especially the ages 7 and up.  This drawing book is very engaging with the stories and fun characters. 


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