Saturday, September 30, 2017

{Book Review} Grandma Forgets

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When your grandmother can't remember your name it should be sad, but maybe it is just an opportunity to tell her more often how much you love her. Grandma Forgets is the heart-warming story of a family bound by love as they cope with their grandma's dementia. Over the years, the little girl has built up a treasure trove of memories of time spent with Grandma: sausages for Sunday lunch, driving in her sky-blue car to the beach, climbing her apple trees while she baked a delicious apple pie, and her comforting hugs during wild storms. But now, Grandma can't remember those memories. She makes up new rules for old games and often hides Dad's keys. Sometimes Dad is sad because he has to hold onto the memories for both him and his mother now, but fortunately, his daughter is only too happy to help him make new memories to share. This is a warm, hopeful story about a family who sometimes needs to remind their grandmother a little more often than they used to about how much they care. She might not remember any of their names but she will always know how much she is loved.

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review. 

When your Grandparents get older sometimes there is a condition where they become forgetful. This unfortunate disease is called dementia.  This area of time is hard for the whole family especially little ones that do not understand what is happening. This can be a scary and confusing time for very young children who are not old enough full understand.  Grandma Forgets by EK Books helps ease the idea of a forgetful Grandparent and that it is okay. If you are going through something similar, this is a great book to grab. Your children will start to understand, giving them the idea to make new memories with their Grandma. The artwork is simple yet elegant with great details and light colors. This is an uplifting story about a family that is bound by love, showing their children to make new memories every day with their loved ones. 

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