Friday, September 29, 2017

Un-Fool Your Brain! Grab A Copy Of Fooled Ya! {Review}

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Wise up with this fun-filled, activity-packed, eye-opening kid's guide to neuroscience and psychology.
Discover the variety of ways our brains can trick us, from optical illusions to magicians' masterful use of misdirection to strategies used by con artists. Learn why you can't always trust your brain, so you'll be less likely to be swindled, hoodwinked, or bamboozled. Along the way, Brian Z. Brain, an illustrated comic guide, will help explain how your mind works.
I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review* 
Sections include "Can You Trust Your Brain," "Fool the Five Senses," "How Magicians Mess with Your Mind," and "Learn to Be Less Gullible." Woven throughout are various articles that present interesting stories or facts from neuroscience, psychology, and history.
Do your children love magic and illusions?  Do they want to know the secrets behind them? Grab a copy to Fooled Ya! from Quarto Knows! This children's book shows you how your brain gets tricked by optical illusions, magicians, hoaxes, and more. Fooled Ya! is full of colorful images of the world of wacky things that can mess with your mind.

There are seven chapters with subjects like "Breaking Down your Brain" and "How Magicians Mess with Your Mind."  This book is full of fun facts and illusions to try out with your own eyes.  This a fun book to entertain them while giving them actual facts.

Did you magicians are not the only people who love to fool us.  There are even people who trick you to do harm to you.  Those people are totally not cool but this book explains how they do it and how to avoid it.  

Un-Fool your brain with this fun book.  Learn how your brain can get tricked by the world around you and share it with friends.  Let your children be the child that knows how that magic trick or illusion is done.  They won't get fooled again this has the answers they have been asking for. 

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