Sunday, October 8, 2017

All Fish Faces ~ {Children's Book Review}

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Photography and Fun Facts about tropical reef fish, ALL FISH FACES will entertain people of all ages! Getting to know our underwater world is a fascinating journey into the unknown! It is so important to introduce children, kids, and adults to our ocean and its animals so we can protect it for future generations. 10% of profits will go to the Marine Megafauna Foundation so they can continue their scientific research to protect our oceans and ocean giants.

Little About The Author: Tam Warner Minton is the travel blogger, writer, and photographer behind the adventure travel blog, Travels with Tam. She has traveled to all seven continents and is an advocate for citizen science, the environment, and getting out of one’s comfort zone. An avid scuba diver, Tam goes on many ocean research expeditions and is an amateur underwater photographer. She challenges her perspective, confidence, and knowledge by traveling the world and sharing what she has learned and seen with others. Her book series, Ocean Friends, introduces amazing, colorful underwater creatures many have never seen before, but are crucial to the health of our oceans. As a former University Lecturer and college consultant, Tam is a believer that knowledge is power, and education is always a positive force. Showing kids of all ages the amazing life beneath the waves is the way to preserve our oceans for future generations!
We love learning about fish and their habit. It is one of our favorite things to learn about. In this book, All Fish Faces there are so many color photos of each fish with a brief description and facts about them.  I love that I can tell my fish that Tam Minton took these photos herself while exploring the ocean and its reefs. 

The photography inside this book is great. She really captured the colorful fish with great detail to share with others. The information on each page is not long so it holds the children attention without them becoming bored quickly.  All Fish Faces is a great book especially for children who have a love of learning about tropical fish. 

This wonderful book is short but sweet with so many great, colorful photos. Did you know the proceeds from this book will benefit the Marine Megafauna Foundation?  This foundation strives to keep oceans clean and safe for all. 

You can grab your own copy here!

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