Monday, October 16, 2017

Zoono USA, ~ GermFree24 Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer {Review}

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Zoono GermFree24 Hand Sanitizer is an FDA-compliant formulation of this technology. It is a revolutionary, long-lasting, highly effective, water-based hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs on contact and keeps killing them for up to 24 hours. Zoono GermFee24 kills germs immediately like other hand sanitizers. But unlike traditional alcohol-based hand sanitizers, which only work while they are wet and quickly evaporate, as GerrmFree24 dries the intelligent Zoono molecules bond permanently to your skin, setting up a defensive barrier composed of billions of molecular "pins" that destroy germ cells for up to 24 hours. This means GermFree24 provides continuous antimicrobial protection all day with a single application. When you compare a product that works for a few minutes to one that lasts all day and factor in the convenience, continuity of protection and cost, there is no comparison.
 Zoono hand sanitizer is a convenient way to keep your hands clean.  After using Zoono, I learned that many leading hand sanitizers are made up of an alcohol-based solution.  When hand sanitizer is alcohol based it only works when wet and evaporates quickly from your hands.  With Zoono hand sanitizer their solution is water based.  While being water based, Zoono is longer lasting and kills 99 percent of germs for up to 24 hours with one simple application. 

I love that with Zoono I do not have to keep applying hand sanitizer. When I am on the go sometimes I can't always remember to apply hand sanitizer when needed.  Using Zoono that's okay because with one application it could be effective up to 24 hours without reapplying.  I love that Zoono is water based and will not dry out my hands from applying it throughout the day when needed. 

Zoono comes any an easy to use pump style bottle that foams when applying.  There are no harsh smells to me, there is a smell but it is not a harsh smell like many leading hand sanitizers.  This smell stays on your hands for many hours after applying.  I would recommend this to anyone looking for hand sanitizer, fewer chemicals being water based and the smell is not as strong as others. 

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