Saturday, November 25, 2017

{Book Review} The Electric Pickle

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Why does a pickle light up when you plug it into a wall socket? Can iron burn? Are Cheerios magnetic? Explore these strange questions and more in The Electric Pickle, an indispensable collection of 50 madcap experiments based on the periodic table. Each project demonstrates an element’s unique properties using easy-to-follow instructions. 

Experiments include:
  • Hexed Helium Balloon
  • Green Tornado Fire
  • Black Light Jell-O
  • Gonzo Pickle Batteries
  • Totally Tricky Thermometer
  • Ludicrous Lead-Pencil Lightbulb

The Electric Pickle is also sprinkled with mind-bending scientific facts and entertaining sidebars about historic experiments and less common, often dangerous, elements.
I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review
All opinions are my own* 

Calling all science lovers! The Electric Pickle by Joey Green has 50 experiments straight from the periodic table.  This science experiment book contains many photos for each experiment with very detailed How-To Guides.  I love having photos to show exactly what I need and how to make each experiment work.  

I love the sections after each experiment that state why it worked. This section gives you the idea of why the element in question worked.   After the "Why It Worked" section there are "Wacky Facts" pertaining to the element in the experiment.  The wacky facts are so much fun because they are facts that really get your brain working.  

Now some of the experiments will be harder to do for us since I feel like some of the material is not your everyday items.  There are plenty experiments within this book that I feel ask for items you will just have laying around.  This is a great book for any interested in doing science experiments.  It is jam-packed with information and fun hands-on learning experiences. 


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