Saturday, December 2, 2017

Homeschool Complete Pilgrims Unit Study and Giveaway!!!

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What does the name Pilgrims mean? Where is Plymouth Rock? Who was Squanto?
Play the Pin Game like the Wampanoag Indian. Follow a recipe to cook a special cornbread treat. Understand how the weather can affect food supply. Understand how to read and make compound words and contractions. Alphabetize words that begin with the same letter. Retell the story of the Pilgrims using descriptive words. Learn to subtract two-digit numbers without and with regrouping. Locate numbers on a number line. Learn about a famous artist and her works of art. Use different mediums to create original art. Apply scripture to life events and verbalize things you are thankful for.
I received this unit study for free in exchange for my honest review*
Thanksgiving has come and gone but that's okay because honestly, you can learn about anything at any given time.  While being homeschoolers discussions come up and prompt you to learn about something totally new and exciting even when it is "not the right time of year."  We as homeschoolers can go with the flow and learn as we go.  You could win a copy of this Complete Unit Study about Pilgrims this week and have this heady for the new questions or save it for next Thanksgiving.  We really enjoyed using this unit over Thanksgiving and we think you might as well.  This unit study is K-2 but my 11-year-old did some of the work with her little brother. 

My children and I enjoyed using this unit study to learn more about pilgrims. A big bonus is all of the other themed items like flashcards and hundred charts.  We love making pictures and taking small notes to remember what we learned so the student journal is just perfect for that.    The printouts are colorful with fun designs and clipart. You can also print yours out in black and white to save on ink.  

This is a great addition to your Thanksgiving curriculum.  Grab your chance to win it, download it and save it.  Pilgrims could come up any time of year with the gears turning in our little homeschoolers minds. 

Homeschool Complete - Pilgrims Unit Study Giveaway (Valued at about $57)
• Pilgrims Unit Study
• Hundred Chart
• Calendar
• Spelling Squares
• Place Value Board
• Base Ten Counting Pieces
• Flashcards: Addition & Subtraction
• Compound Word Memory
• Student Journal
• Addition & Subtraction Bingo Game
This “giveaway” includes a printed copy of the unit study (student & teacher pages) plus all the manipulatives and games included in the lessons for the Homeschool Complete “Pilgrims” Unit Study.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

12/3/17 -12/7/17
Homeschool Complete is responsible for the prize.

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