Sunday, December 3, 2017

The World's First Coding Robot For Girls!!! { SmartGurlz } 10% OFF

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SmartGurlz inspires girls to be tomorrow’s creators and leaders by teaching them to code their dolls and Siggy robots in endless fun combinations. Our Sugar Coded™ app connects to Siggy™ via smartphone or tablet and allows girls to break free from computers and coding camp teaching them coding through game-like adventures and missions.
SmartGurlz is a brand new line of fashion dolls and self-balancing scooter that engage girls ages 5 and up in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
  • SmartGurlz has received multiple awards including a grant from the Danish government for developing STEM educational toys. It has also won the “Girl Power” award at the 2017 Nuremberg Toy Fair for making tech toys for girls.
  • Download the kid-friendly SugerCoded™ app on any smartphone or tablet (iOS 9+ or Android).
  • SugarCoded™ provides multiple levels of play and learning. E-BOOKS - Learn about individual Smartgurlz® characters through a series of stories. FREEPLAY - Control your Siggy using the direction pad or preset commands. Create and record routines. Save your favorites. PATH - Draw a path and Siggy will follow it. LEARN, SUGAR CODED, and MISSIONS - Learn basic coding logic to execute a series of tasks with easy to use drag and drop Google Blockly commands.
  • Nearly 1 hour of play on a 9v alkaline battery (not included), or about twice as long using Siggy Power™ USB rechargeable Li-po battery (sold separately).

Recently seen on Shark Tank, this ingenious new STEM toy caught the eye of Damien and struck up a deal for this self-balancing robot. 

Smartgurlz looks really promising.  We haven't been able to purchase it yet but I think my daughter and son would love it. You can use any 11inch doll with this kit if your child has a favorite one at home already.   You can download the app to your smartphone or tablet learning about each dolls story in the free ebooks plus free play.  You can choreograph routines and save your favorite ones, How Fun?!  There seem to be so many options to learn about coding with Smartgurlz and their very own app SugarCoded.  I look forward to checking this out more and grabbing one for our family to try out. 
Right now you can use the promo code: HOLIDAY and get 10% off of Smartgurlz.

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