Wednesday, January 24, 2018

50 Wacky Things Humans Do {Book Review}

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50 Wacky Things Humans Do describes 50 weird, wild, and unbelievable things the human body is able to do. Science has never been so much fun!

Did you know that when you sneeze it rockets out at over one-hundred miles per hour? How about that the average person sheds about five hundred million skin cells every day? What about the fact that most of the cells in your body are not even human?!

50 Wacky Things Humans Do gives you the dirt on 50 unbelievably weird things about the human body that seem too crazy to be true, but are! Whether amazingsilly, or just plain gross, these peculiar and fascinating things about the human body will surprise and delight fun-fact lovers of all ages.

50 Wacky Things Humans Do is just one book in Walter Foster Jr.'s Wacky Series. Be sure to also check out 50 Wacky Things Animals DoWacky Inventions Throughout History, and 50 Wacky Things Pet Do.
I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review. 
All opinions are my own* 

50 Wacky Things Humans Do is such a fun book.  This book contains 50 fun and wacky things that the human body can do.  My children love fun wacky facts about anything and everything.  This book is fun and entertaining for children and even adults, too!   

The artwork is colorful with fun a wacky twist.  Each page includes a colorful illustration, a paragraph, and another small paragraph about the fun, wacky human body fact. The facts are easy to understand and entertaining for your family reading.  My daughter loves to read to her younger brother and this is a great book to just lay in bed and read.  This is a great family book that could bring some great laughs! 
This a great addition to your family library. This is a great book for children who love reading about facts like mine do.  We loved adding it to our homeschool library!  Thank you, Quarto Knows

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