Friday, January 12, 2018

Go! Cake ~ The Fun Cake That Is Easy To Make!

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Go! Cake is the brainchild of Emmanuel and Alex, two French chefs who LOVE food and are excited to bring the magic of cake to you – in just a few easy minutes!

Go! Cake is the must-have cake.  
It makes having a sweet snack so easy!  
We received this cake for free in exchange for our honest review.  All opinions are our own**
Go! Cake comes in convenient pouches that are easy to store or bring along with you where ever you may go.   Go! Cakes comes in 5 different flavors currently with more flavors coming.  I love that you can make a sweet snack in just minutes with Go! Cake and you do not have to add anything.  

There is no hunting down ingredients, you can either use the convenient pouch or a mug heat your cake in just a couple of minutes in your microwave.   There is no hassle to make a whole cake when you just want a little slice.  Go! Cake is great to have at home to an easy snack, at work for a special treat, and even use for birthday parties so each child can have their own flavor.  

We really enjoyed our Go! Cake pouches. We tried the Carmel Fever and Chocolate Madness.  The flavors were great and the cakes were surprisingly moist.  We put on in a mug and left one in the pouch both coming out the same and very tasty.  You can find more information about Go! Cake at
 We give it two thumbs up.  It is a tasty cake and so easy to make.  It is our go-to cake.  Go! Cake! The kids can make themselves a "piece" of cake every once in a while without having a huge cake. 

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