Thursday, January 4, 2018

Nellie Nova Book Giveaway + Review!

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Nellie appears to be a normal nine-year-old girl. But Nellie is not normal. Nellie is an amazingly gifted scientist who lives in a family of amazingly gifted scientists. One day, her brother, Niles, who is eleven, teases her (as all respectable big brothers do). This time, however, Niles goes too far when he tells Nellie that girls are silly and no woman has ever changed the world. This sets off a spark of an idea in Nellie's most amazing mind and sends her down the path to create a time machine and meet wonderful women who made a mark on the world. First stop, Amelia Earhart! With a few bumps along the way and a government agency out to steal her technology, Nellie and Niles are in for an incredible adventure!
I have nothing but good things to say about Nellie Nova series.  There are two books in this series by Stephenie Peterson. She tells a story about a homeschool family.  The main character is a quirky girl named Nellie. Her brother is a typical big brother and gives her a hard time but one day he just goes too far. Nellie Nova's little scientist mind sparks an idea and off she goes!  I love the colorful artwork on the covers of each book, showing Nellie and Niles on their adventures. 

I love the fact that there is a lead female character setting off to do exactly what she has her mind set to.  She can do anything, anything at all.  My daughter is 11 and loved reading about Nellie adventures and meeting amazing women throughout history. She loves that the Nova's are a homeschool family as well.  It is not very often we find a book about a homeschool family.  As a homeschool family ourselves, I love the learning factor this book shares about history.  

Nellie uses her smarts and makes a time machine taking her back in time and visiting Amelia Earheart in the first book.  Learning about how women do in fact change the world. In her adventures, she hits some bumps along the way.  
The second book in the series is just as fun.  They continue to meet amazing women in history until one day that must stop.  But why? You will have to read to find out more.  Will she ever be able to use her time machine again?   You will have to read to find out. 

We love this fun series and can not wait until there is a book 3.  My daughter has already asked if there was one when she finished book 2.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read about going on adventures!  If this sounds like a book for you! Enter my giveaway below or grab your copies on Amazon.  

 I am giving away one Nellie Nova Book. This giveaway is sponsored. 
  Winner gets to choose Book 1 or Book 2. 
 U.S. entries only.  The winner has 24 hours to respond with details for mailing your prize. 

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