Monday, March 12, 2018

Kids Find BigFoot Across The World! A New Seek-N-Series!

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Bigfoot has intrigued and baffled the masses for ages... Is the unexplainable beast a stealthy ape-like man who stalks the deep dark woods, or is he a creation of folklore? D.L. Miller, an artist from Pennsylvania, was always fascinated by this mystery. Spending most of his childhood tracking creatures across rocky ridgelines and wooded mountainsides, his respect for both art and nature pushed him toward one of the most magical mysteries of our time—the illusive BigFoot!

Not many people can say they’ve captured BigFoot, but D.L. Miller can make this assertion. 
I received these books for free in exchange for my honest review*
In his new seek-and-find children’s book series, Miller has captured BigFoot with his skilled illustrations, that is! In a four-book series, BigFoot is seen throughout big cities of the world, on vacation, at famous landmarks, and he’s even spotted going back in time! The debut titles for this series are BigFoot Goes on Vacation and BigFoot Visits the Big Cities of the World, which will hit shelves in February 2018. BigFoot Spotted at World Famous Landmarks and BigFoot Goes Back in Time will launch in Fall 2018. With the new BigFoot seek-and-find series, children and trackers of all ages can finally say they found BigFoot. Not only will trackers have tons of fun looking for BigFoot in the colorful and crowded landscapes, they’ll also have the chance to learn about the many places BigFoot visits. In BigFoot Visits the Big Cities of the World, young readers will learn about ten major cosmopolitan destinations, from the Big Apple and London to Paris, Athens, Tokyo, Toronto, and more. And in BigFoot Goes on Vacation readers will have the opportunity to learn about deep sea diving, sea life, balloon festivals, Yellowstone National Park, and more!
These new BigFoot seek-and-find books are amazing.  They are not your average "look and find" books.  In each book, you are able to search for BigFoot, his foot, and many other objects while learning fun facts about many areas of the world, surrounding cultures, and animals.

My children love fun fact books and look and find books. What better way to put them together then BigFood seek-and-find books.  They love the colorful artwork with great photography catching their eyes.  They have really enjoyed this book providing them fun and a learning experience too.  I just love all of the fun facts that are included covering different topics.
As a homeschool family, we are always looking for ways to learn more while making things fun!  BigFoot books give you just that with some tons fun and a little bit of learning.  If your children like look-and-find books, you must try these out.   You can find them on Amazon and Fox Chapel Publishing website! 

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