Sunday, March 18, 2018

Scratch & Draw Patterns - Quarto Knows {Review}

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Lose yourself in these intricate, terrestrial, designs of spirals, tangles, and geometric patterns. This scratch book features 20 mind clearing illustrations created with simple lines and shapes. You can copy the illustration on the facing scratch-off page with the specialized stylus tool to reveal a contrasting background. Create a simple and beautiful piece of art as you scratch away the metallic coating. You can copy the drawing or feel free to make your own variations as you create your own personalized design. Plus, each page is perforated, ready to tear out and display!
I received this for free in exchange for my honest review. 
What a fun way to relieve a little stress while creating something beautiful.  Scratch & Create Draw Patterns have many pages so that you can create something unique.  You can follow along with the patterns on each side of the page or make your own designs like I did above.  This was recently sent to me from Quarto Knows.

Each page has a different color to reveal underneath making your designs unique and fun. The scratching tool is easy to use and makes your designs look fun with its two different shaped ends. There are 20 pages to keep you occupied for hours if you choose to do them all at once. This is a great project to do daily, you could work on it while you are having your morning coffee or in bed right before bedtime. The pages are perforated, so your designs are ready to be displayed.   Thank you, Quarto Knows for sending me this Scratch & Draw Patterns book.  

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