Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Look, See the Farm! ~ {Book Review}

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Look, See the Farm! is the heartwarming story of two sisters visiting their grandparents’ organic farm during each of the four seasons, discovering the many interesting creatures that make the farm their home. Young readers will gain a look at farm life and the animals living on the farm, as well as discovering the wild birds that thrive there.

Look, See the Farm! teaches children about connecting with nature, as they join Kelsey and Avery in learning about local birds and their habits. Beautifully illustrated, with a universal message and an enduring appeal, let this exciting journey be the start of a newfound appreciation for nature’s beauty!

Look, See the Farm is a cute children's book about farm life and what lives there.  Take a fun and heartwarming adventure with Kelsey and Avery connecting with nature and learning about local birds and their habits.   Kelsey and Avery live in the city but visit their grandparent's organic farm.  They learn what is grown on this farm and what animals live on this farm.  The girls have a favorite though.  They love the birds best of all.   Throughout the book, the girls learn about what birds live around the farm.  I love how this book goes into perfect detail about the birds without overdoing it.   In the back of the book, there is a section for more information on each bird that was featured in this book.   There is also a section included in the back of the book called " Question for Curious Kids."  There are three questions that example what organic means.    This is a great book full of information for children of all ages.  If your children love animals especially birds this is a great book.   

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Thank you,  Hatherleigh for sending me this book to review.  A great addition to our homeschool library for years to come.  

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