Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Young Scientists Unite With Chris Ferrie! ~ Quantum Comping for babies and A Scientific Parody!

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These books are breaking the rules of age-appropriate learning. For decades, we have taught our children about farm animals and construction equipment―things some children may never see in real life. Meanwhile, children are holding supercomputers in their hands and we are not teaching them about science or technology. We teach our children to say lengthy words like hippopotamus—why not teach them to say proton, neutron, or electron?

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I received these two books in exchange for my honest review.
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Chris Ferrie, the author of the series, is an award-wining physicist with a PhD in Applied Mathematics. He is also the father of four budding young scientists. Chris originally wrote and self-published Quantum Physics for Babies and Rocket Science for Babies as a way to each his children science and technology concepts early. Ferrie believes introducing babies & toddlers to math and science promotes literacy in these subjects when they encounter them in school. 

“My mission is to take the big ideas in science and translate them into things that parents and children will like.”
I was recently was sent Quantum Computing for Babies.  This board book is a cute fun way for little ones to learn.  You would think Quantum Computing is only an adult subject but you are very wrong in this case.  Chris Ferrie makes Quantum Computing fun for little ones,  his Baby Universty series introduces big ideas in the simplest ways to toddlers and adults alike.  These books are perfect for curious minds and giving them a jump start to STEM learning.  
Little E recently enjoyed reading his new book in the park.  Each page kept his attention with the colors and shapes. I really love the idea of introducing our children to different ways of learning. Chris Ferrie's Baby University does exactly that!  There are many books in the series, you can check them all out here
We were also sent this fun book.   Scientist, Scientist,  Who Do You See?  is a scientific parody of some of the world's greatest scientists.  This book some scientists like Albert Einstein to Marie Curie and Charles Darwin.  This fun parody has a lot of fun rhyming that will delight your little readers.  This familiar text will keep their attention as they learn about a different scientist who changed the world.  
The illustrations are fun and engaging telling you a story of what each scientist is known for. It is never to early to share science fun with your little ones.  My children thought it was hilarious and knew exactly what rhyme this resembled.  Chris Ferrie also wrote Good Night Lab which looks to be just as great and we can not wait to check it out.  You can find more information on both books here. 

I absolutely loved reviewing these fun books from Chris Ferrie.  I look forward to finding more of his books in the future! 

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