Thursday, September 20, 2018

Free Printable - Long e/ee Activity

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What's included?

  •  Print the word cards and Buzz cards. Two options are available: full color and a blackline version you can print on regular or colored paper/cardstock. Laminate your cards to make them more durable and cut apart.

    Mix all of the cards up and place in a bag, box, or another fun container. Students take turns drawing out one card at a time. The student reads the card. If they read it successfully, the next student takes their turn. If a student reads a word incorrectly, he or she places the word card into the container. If a BUZZ card is drawn, all of that player’s cards are returned to the container.

    This game can be played with partners, small groups, or with the whole class in a circle.

    Two follow up activities are included where students practice spelling words with a long e sound and identifying words with a long e sound.

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