Thursday, September 13, 2018

How To Make Glowing Planets! ~ Hands-On Learning!

How To Make Glowing Planets! ~ Hands-On Learning!

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My hope is to inspire my children to love to learn.  What better way to do something than hands-on learning.  They have been fascinated by planets for a while now so I grabbed this opportunity to do this wonderful project.  All of the materials we can be found at the Dollar Tree We even found a solar system book. 
The kids picked out all the material at the Dollar Tree that they needed for their light-up planets.   It is great that you can find everything you need there and more!

8 - Tap Lights 
4- 8 pack AA batteries 
1 - paint pack w/ paintbrush ( I would grab 2) 
1- a bottle of modge podge (not pictured) 
Books shown here are our own. Not from The Dollar Tree

While the kids painted each planet, I read aloud about the planet they were painting in a couple of different books.  We analyzed the pictures together about what color to paint each planet matching their surface and atmosphere.  After the paint dried we applied a coat of modge podge to ensure the paint didn't crack when they were turned on and off. 

We are limited on space so we hung them up on the wall in their bathroom. They love the finished look of their light up the solar system.   Each planet is illuminated, showing their unique colors.  For now, we made a paper sun until I find a slightly big tap light. 

This was such a fun hands-on learning project. The kids learned so much while making this. My son was fascinated with how fast you could get to each plant by spaceship.  Once we hung the light up planets on the wall my 10-year-old made labels for each planet out of index cards.  

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