Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Fizz Boom Bath! The Perfect Book For DIY Bath & Beauty Products!

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Learn to Make Your Own Bath Bombs, 

Body Scrubs, and More!

"Have you ever found yourself staring longingly at a table full of scrumptious-looking bath bombsshower melts, or lotion bars for sale and thought, “Gee, it would be fun to make these at home, but where the heck would I begin?!” Teenage "sisterpreneurs" and creators of da Bomb™ Bath Fizzers are here to take the mystery out of bath and body recipes and give you all the tools you need to crown yourself Archbishop of Bathtopia.
Isabel and Caroline will hold your hand every step of the way—and then exfoliate it with some sugar scrub when they're finished! This book will teach you how to create all kinds of delightful, natural, homemade bath treats. Fizzersscrubsmaskssoapsbubble barsFizz Boom Bath! has you covered."
We received this book for in exchange for an honest review.  My daughter loves all things bath bombs.  This is perfect for her and she loves making the fun items in the book.  I love that is made by teen, sisterpreneurs following their dreams.  
I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review* 
Fizz Boom Bath came as a hardcover book with a colorful cover.  The pages insides with the bath bombs, scrubs, and jellies are just as colorful as the cover.  There is a welcome introduction with a material and ingredients list so you are able to see what you have on hand and what you will need to move on with the products in this books.    

Part one is on bath bombs,  how to make them and how they work.  It shows you how to make different fragrances. The recipes give great detail but are very easy to follow.  You can get molds to make fun shapes or just a simple bath bomb.  It is totally up to you.   If you think can think of a scent I bet its in this book, even scents you would never even think of.  The scents are section off by category so if you are looking for a certain type of scent you are able to find it easily. 

Part Two is more bath bombs plus beauty product like face scrub, lip scrub, and leave in hair treatment.    They have fun things in this book like "The Creature From The Claw-Foot Bath Slime." I love that photography is the items actually made, so you know exactly what you are trying to make. 
My daughter loves this book and will be pulling it out to make Christmas gifts this year.  A great book with fun, yet simple recipes for anyone who loves to make their own body and bathroom items.   Some things I totally did not know you could make or think of making.  We are going to have to so much fun with this book for years to come. 

Thank you, QuartoKnows for sending us another wonderful book! 


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