Friday, November 9, 2018

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 We were recently sent the Earth Dragon from Safari Ltd's new 2019 collection.  He is perfect, better than I expected from the photos on the website.    This dragon is crafted and hand-painted, beautifully detailed like no other toy I have seen.  My son loves dragons and was over the moon excited about his new dragon.
The colors are perfect for an Earth Dragon.  This dragon features colors like brown for the ground, green for the grass and leaves, tan for the ground, and yellow which are the stars detailed in the wings.  The scales almost sparkle as you move it through the light. I love that the scales are not just painted on, it really makes this creature look lifelike.  The wings are matte finish, giving it a look of a real wing.  I love the time they took to really detail this dragon. The Earth Dragon is a little over 5 inches long and stands 6 inches tall to the top of its wings. I love that they take the time to hand paint their creatures and animals.  What a special touch! 

Here is a little more detail and backstory of Safari Ltd’s Earth Dragon.  “This elemental spirit dragon is spreading its wings, which are covered in stars to signify the night sky. Its scales shimmer like the surface of the sea and two branch-like horns sprout from its head, along with a leafy frill. Its gnarled legs and feet symbolize the roots of the great trees of the Earth that have stood for hundreds of years. “
Safari Ltd makes many different animals and creatures. These are a perfect tool for imagination play.  While searching their website I found many different animals and creatures.  There are so many to choose from for your little animal lover.   These animals are perfect for open-ended play time, hands on learning, and imagination building. 
Being a homeschool parent I love finding different ways to learn. We like to set up a table with material to make a habitat for different animal groups.  Safari Ltd's animals are perfect for this activity.  I love that they are BPA free and non-toxic.  

Thank you, SafariLtd for sending us the Earth Dragon from your new 2019 collection.  You can use promo code  JUSTADDCOFFEE to get 10% off. 

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