Friday, June 21, 2019

12 Games For Your Dinosaur Lovers!

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The diplodocus is clearly heavier than the tyrannosaurus, but what about the brachiosaurus? I imagine that the stegosaurus is lighter than those three, but does it weigh less than a wooly mammoth? In Card line Dinosaurs, these are the kind of questions you'll be faced with each time you want to place one of your cards. There's only one goal here -to be the first one to correctly play all of your cards.

Aquarius Smithsonian Dinosaur Playing Cards

Dinosaur fans of all ages will enjoy this deck of playing cards featuring 52 different images straight from the Vault of the Smithsonian museum. 

Dino-Opoly Monopoly Board Game

DINO-Opoly is a game based on those fascinating creatures of times gone by, the Dinosaurs. It has all the fun of a traditional property trading game with some prehistoric twists. The game board features everyone's favorite dinosaurs from giant-sized herbivores to teeny tiny carnivores. Players trade their fossils in for a dino bone to be the big winner in dino-opoly. Each dino deed features fun facts about that particular dinosaur.

Professor Noggin's Dinosaur Trivia Game includes 30 trivia cards with 3 easy questions and 3 hard questions on each - for a total of 180 questions! 

The Dino Math Tracks game (winner of several prestigious awards, including an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal) is a race around the rainbow with a pack of pintsize, prehistoric pals. An unusual spin on a typical roll-the-dice-and-move game, it spotlights the mathematical concept of place value and gives kids reinforcement in what makes our base-10 number system tick.

Ravensburger Jurassic Park Danger

Adventure Strategy game

Peaceable Kingdom Dinosaur Escape 

 In this game, which has won multiple awards including the Oppenheim Gold Seal, players work as a team to get all three dinosaurs safely to Dinosaur Island before the volcano erupts! 

Dinosaur Tea Party Board Game

It’s the most sought-after invitation of the year: Dinoton Abbey for high tea. Now you’re all gussied up in your finery and ready for some tea and chit-chat. One problem: You can’t remember anyone’s name. Who’s that, sporting the fancy brooch with her pet chicken? Is that Jeannine? Beatriz? Oh, dear. If you’re not careful, you’ll commit a faux pas everyone will be gossiping about.

Dino Meal -- The Steal the Eggs 

Before the Dinosaur Lunges Game

This hungry dinosaur has an eggstraordinary appetite! Roll the die to choose which stolen dinosaur egg to rescue in this fun dino game. Then carefully reach in and take out the egg, but watch out--you never know when this T-Rex will roar and leap out at you for his next Dino Meal!

Trap The Triceratops! Apprehend the Apatosaurus! Race to capture sets of matching dinosaurs in this ferociously fun card game. 

This dinosaur bingo game from Lucy Hammett is a great way to learn about the basics of science. 

Uncle Milton Jurassic World T. Rex Bone Extractor

Test your dinosaur knowledge and your skills as you train to be a Jurassic World veterinarian. Answer the trivia questions and then carefully extract each T. rex bone.

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