Saturday, June 29, 2019

Learning Fun With Mathematics LAB ~ The Learning Journey (Game Review)

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Mastering simple mathematic equations will be more fun than ever. With fun science lab cards and dispenser, kids will push, launch, GRAB and match the answer to the equation. The Math lab playing cards display simple math equations. Players need to GRAB the answers to their equations as they are launched from the disc dispenser and place them on their playing boards.The first player to fill their game board wins the game. Game includes disc dispenser, decorative card, 24 number discs, and four playing boards.

Mathematics LAB from The Learning Journey is a fun matching game.  You can learn math while you have fun playing this exciting matchmaking game. 
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This game comes with four boards, one dispenser, and 24 discs. The boards and discs are made of hard durable cardboard. The boards and discs are very durable and seem like they will last for while through little one's hands.  The dispenser is easy to use and releases discs softly.  As long as your child has some sort of simple mathematics,  they will be able to play this game.  

I love this game for all ages as it really gets my kids thinking.  My older kids make it it a race to see who can fill their board the fastest.  The simple mathematics can be found on the boards and discs, each item has either the sum or the problem.  

This is a great game for reinforcing simple math and helping your children feel confident in his or her math abilities.  When you make learning fun, I found that it really helps the child absorb the knowledge.  If you make learning a chore, children seem to be more disconnected and do not absorb the information.  As homeschoolers, we love making learning fun and The Learning Journey products help us do that! 
Mathematics LAB is great for little ones that are learning simple mathematics. This game helps learn mental math as they race to fill their boards. 

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