Wednesday, November 8, 2017

{Book Review} - Grace & Katie

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Grace and Katie are twins who love to draw. Grace loves everything to be organized and neat, while Katie loves everything to be bright, bold and messy. When they want to draw a map of their home and street, the girls can’t agree on how it should be done so they each decide to create their own map. But that doesn’t work out quite as well as they’d planned. Perhaps working together might be more fun after all! An imaginative exploration of individuality, sisterhood, creativity and appreciating each other’s strengths.
I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review*

What fun having twins must be. Grace and Katie love to draw but one is different than the other. Grace's likes drawings neat and nice and Katie loves her drawings filled with patterns and swirls.  While Grace started a new project Katie asked to help, but Grace did not want her help.  They decided to not work together and each does their very own projects. They loved their own drawings very much but something was missing on each.  This book is a great children's book about coming together and working alongside each other.   I love the simple artwork that is colorful and fun. 

How working together could really be fun after all! Even if you have different styles that's okay. 


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