Tuesday, December 11, 2018

7 Games That Would Make Great Christmas Gifts!

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What do you buy kids that have a bunch of toys already?  Why not, board games which are fun and educational.  Board games can bring the whole family together.   Goliath and Pressman are my top brands for games when I am buying them for my children.  They have a huge section of board games, card games, and more!   Below are some top picks for this year and a must have on your Holiday Gift Guide.  

The Oregon Trail - 
Journey To Willamette Journey
The Oregon Trail - Journey To Willamette Journey is a fun game following the Oregon Trail.  I remember playing Oregon Trail on the school computer. This game is a nice remembrance of my childhood.  My 12-year-old was really excited to play this game when we received it.  

This game is very complex so the suggested age is 14 and up. My 12-year-old played this game with me and enjoyed it so the age range could be a little lower and still be enjoyable.  You discover trails, river, fonts, and land as they move along the board.  You hunt for food, gather supplies, and take care of your family members on the wagon.  This game is very similar to the computer game in the 1990's.  Race your friends or family to victory!  A great game for families with older children.  2-4 players! 

Harry Potter Tri-Wizard Maze
Harry Potter Tri-Wizard Maze is a fun game for many ages. This game plays like a classic trouble game but with a twist. When you land on a card spot, you will pull a card. This card could be for you, to help or hurt you along your journey.  You must race to win the Tri-Wizard cup but getting all your colors back to your home spot.  It is a great family game and can play 2-4 players. I just love the live action photographs on the game from the movies! 

Test your code breaking skills with Mastermind.  A fun two player game of logic. One player makes a pattern and another one tries to guess either until they are right or they run out of chances on the board.  There are red and white small tabs that you can show the guesser if they are right or wrong in each row. This allows them to make another guess on which colors are right and which are in the right place.  This really fun, yet simple game for two players.  The game even holds all the pieces in the red drawer for easy storage. 

Charades For Kids Travel Game
What a fun game for the whole family Charades for Kids- Travel Edition.  Act on what is on your card for a fun guessing game.  There are three levels so even little ones whom cannot read are able to play by just pictures. This comes with everything you need including the timer. Hurry and guess what they are acting out before time runs out.  A fun card game for the whole family.  Pack it in a bag or purse to have on hand to past time when you are not home.   

Anyone who loves word searches will love the WordSearch Game by Goliath.  As an adult I am loving this game. It is tons of fun as you race each other to find the word.  I like that you look for one word at a time.  The first person that yells wordsearch get to put their color tabs over the word.  Its a fun and engaging game.  A great game for a little learning and hand eye coodination.  As a homeschool family, we are always looking for ways to learn and this is one of our top games. The suggested age is 7 and up. You can play this game with up to four players.  I hope they make a younger aged one with words that are more simple. I think this would be a great game for little ones working on sight words. 

Do you remember playing with tops as a kid, I do!  Goliath has come out with a new generation, i-Top.  An awesome new way to play with a simple top.   i-top counts your spins helping you beat challenges within the top.  You can unlock special feature by spin the exact number.  Challenge your friend and beat each other's top spins.  This comes in 3 colors.  The age suggested is 7 and up but I definitely feel younger ones can use this as well.  It would be a great counting and number learning tool.  It is a fun way to bring top spinning back.  Join the i-top challenge to win the legacy prize! click here to join the challenge. 

Harry Potter Magically Beasts
Calling all Harry Potter Fans!  Harry Potter Magically Beasts is another great game for any Harry Potter fan.  You can collect clues both inside and outside of Hogwarts with this fun flipping board game.  Collect cards until someone collects the whole series for one species of Magically beast to win! But watch out you could lose turns and clues as you go along the board.   I really love the swinging game board, its something you do not see often and make this game a very unique game. The suggested age range for this game is 8 years old.  Its a fun game for the whole family.  

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