Friday, December 14, 2018

Let The ELF Doctor Help This Christmas Season! {Plus Coupon Code!}

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Hi, who has a wonderful family elf?  We do, his name is Jingly.  Well, Jingly was pretty boring and I just couldn't do much with him anymore and I was quickly becoming bored of the same elf poses. So I decided to reach out to the Elf Doctor.  They sent me two of their amazing kits to help make Elf Life more fun! 

Are you suffering from a boring elf, too? I am NOT ANYMORE! The Elf Doctor can helped me with that! They can help your elf stay put and do fun things with his or her new flexibility with their Elf Flex Kit.  This kit comes with everything you need to give your elf unlimited possibilities.  I will show you more in just a little bit! 
The other kit I was sent was the Elf Cast.  You can use this when you just need a break from moving your little friend from place to place. Do not lose our mind over moving the elf, just take a break for a few days with this new kit. Your elf had an accident at the North Pole and has come back with a cast and needs to rest for a few days.  This kit contains everything you need to help give your little friend a rest, even a note from the North Pole! 

I really love that our family elf has new flexibility to do fun things for the kids. Adding the new items to my elf was very easy. On the Elf Doctors website, there is step by step instructions and even videos to follow. I really like that the Elf Flex kit comes with everything you need. Our elf can do anything now! This kit includes rods to make their arms and legs bendable, velco for their hands and feet, and also magnets for their hands and feet. You can use them all or just ones you want.  It also includes the needle and thread to finish the job. 

Tonight we are trying the Elf Cast. This mom is tired of moving the elf and I will be taking a break this weekend while Jingly "heals."  The Elf Cast kit comes with everything you need beside scissors to size your cast.  The cast material is really sticky and stays on your fingers a bit but once it dries you can peel it right off like school glue.  I found it pretty easy to work with and dries very quickly.  The cast actually looks like a real cast once it has dried.  My kids will be so surprised in the morning that Jingly has a cast.  It will be a nice break for this Mom.  Thanks, Elf Doctor. 
These kits are so much fun! It makes ELF LIFE easier.  I can think of so many more poses for our elf when he can actually stay put.  Plus when you need a break, grab the Elf Cast and apply that to your family elf, do not forget to fun "sick note" from the North Pole!
Do you want to win your own Elf Cast and Elf Flex kits?  Hand over to Just Add Coffee- The Homeschool Coupon Mom's facebook page to enter.  The giveaway will be posted on 12/15/2018 at 6:00 P.M. central time.  
 Grab the combo kit that include the Elf Flex and Elf Cast and get 25% off by using JAC2018 as your promo code!  This will work for the two pack combo only!

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